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The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation And griefHaven 15332 Antioch Street, Suite 147 Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-3628
Phone: 310-459-1789
Email: hope@griefhaven.org


About Us

Who we are

All specialists across the board agree-nothing compares to the death of a child. Parents quickly realize that losing a child is not a loss they will ever "get over," but rather a loss with which they will have to learn how to live for the rest of their lives. This is a long, life-altering journey that takes great strength, perseverance, and hope in order to make the journey.

The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to assisting parents who have lost a child, as well as family members, friends, professionals, and those who want to lend their support but don't know how.

  Your Donations Mean So Much

Thank you for any amount you are able to give The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation and griefHaven. The nonprofit foundation administers griefHaven, a place where parents and others can go to find support materials and hope. Donations to our foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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If you prefer, you may donate by calling (310) 459-1789
or by mailing a check to:
The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation
15332 Antioch Street, #147
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-3628

  Mission Statement

The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is also known as griefHaven and has the following primary goals. To

(1) provide hope and support to all parents everywhere whose children die;

(2) provide hope and support to siblings, family members, friends, and communities impacted by the death of a child;

(3) educate the public about grief, and specifically about the unique aspects of the death of a child, providing specific information regarding how they can support families in the healthiest ways possible;

(4) educate and collaborate with professionals who deal with the deaths of children;

(5) align and work closely with grief researchers who are working to better understand grief in general, which includes using fMRIs to discover more about the grieving brain, and then imparting that information to parents, siblings, and society in general; and

(6) provide creative and unique ways for families to receive cutting edge support and find ways to honor their child.

The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation and griefHaven are dedicated to maintaining a positive and nurturing work environment. That commitment ensures that all griefHaven creates in-house is infused with the same hope, compassion, and love that is eventually shared with others.

   Meet the Board of Directors

Susan E. Whitmore: President Susan E. Whitmore: President
Wendell A. Whitmore: Vice President Wendell A. Whitmore: Vice President
Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben: Chairperson Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben: Chairperson
Didi Carr Reuben: Chairperson Didi Carr Reuben: Chairperson
Alice M. Fellows: Treasurer Alice M. Fellows: Treasurer
Shelley Goodman: Secretary Shelley Goodman: Secretary

Advisory Board

Jack Canfield
  Co-Author Chicken Soup for
  the SoulŠ & Success Principles®

Roger Dafter, Ph.D.,
Associate Director, Mind-Body Medicine Group, Department of Head & Neck Surgery, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

Judith Ford, M.D., Ph.D.

Catherine Henderson

Michael Josephson
  Founder, Josephson Institute
  of Ethics, Character Counts,
  KNX Radio

Marc and Violet Klaas,

  Founder, President Klaas Kids
  & Beyond Missing

Gilda Martindelcampo
  Spanish Consultant

Wayne Neiman,
  Studio Executive

Anne Roberts
  Attorney at Law

Rev. Pamela Washburn
  M.Div., BCC

Dr. Graham Woolf

Jennifer Woolf,
  Co-Chair, Fund-Raising


Loraine Adams, Canadian Representative


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