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So What Have We Been Up To?
griefHaven Supports Other Nonprofits

 We at griefHaven know that in today's world there are so many nonprofit organizations doing amazing and wonderful work throughout the world. Some of these organizations thrive, but many of them do not survive. One thing they almost all have in common is that they work autonomously, trying to make it on their own. Much of that has to do with fund-raising and keeping the funds within their own organizations. We at griefHaven and The EWG Foundation believe in a different approach, which is one of "helping each other as we go." To that end, we join hands with other organizations that are synergistic with the support we provide to grieving parents and families. The end result thus far as proven that we are on the right track as we walk alongside several other nonprofits, such as Klaas' Kids, Brakes for Brett, and Our House.

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