If This Were Heaven  
lyrics & music by Scott Johnson

If this were heaven
I'd sculpt each day in my own way
Like a kid playing with clay
I'd embrace it with bare hands
Mold it into something grand
If this were heaven

If this were heaven
I'd take my time and never hurry
Wouldn't waste my time with worry
I'd take more walks
Have more heart-to-heart talks
If this were heaven

We work so hard to get somewhere
Only to find that it's not there
If not now, then when, I ask
Could heaven be like that?

If this were heaven
I'd sing and dance like no one's watching
And smile without stopping
I'd laugh with friends
Live a life of love that never ends
If this were heaven

We gaze upon the stars at night
And wonder at their distant light
Heaven seems so far away
From where we are today

If this were heaven
How would it differ from life now
Would who I am change somehow
Or is it just a state of mind
Reached by stepping out of time
And living as if this were heaven