Play Daddy


Daddy - therapeutic song from daughter to father during his protracted illness

Through my eyes I have watched you stand
Taller than any man
Open your arms, Daddy, I’ll crawl right in
Lift me up and I am flying
I am flying
In your hands

But change has come and I have watched you and
Seen you face more than almost any man
Fate makes a cave and then it locks you in
Away from me and I am trying
I am trying
Heart in hand

To let you know that I am strong and I will find my way
To let you know the road is long, and inside I ache
To tell you how I fight the urge to back away
And I don’t always win
And I don’t always win
I don’t always get it right
I don’t always win that fight
Daddy, Daddy

But through my eyes I have watched us all
Fight for life, and get back up when we fall
Gone are the days when you can hold out your hand
But these Bright Eyes know how to understand
That a part of you will always be
A part of me, and we’ll always be
A part of each
A part of each
So hold me tight through the storm
We won’t forget, our hearts are warm
And a part of you will always be
A part of me and we’ll be
Sailing ‘till we’re
Lift me up,
Daddy lift me up
Please lift me up
Tell me its okay
Tell me its okay to hurt
Tell me its okay and I will be--
Flying, Flying, Daddy