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Erika’s Song Sing

by Anna Huckabee Tull

Sing….  oh, sing…

Sing! Sing me a song
A song for my Mom
A song for everyone to share
Sing me a song
Let the world sing along
A song for everyone who cares

Just sing! Sing it out strong
Sing for my mom
Sing for of all of those who dare
To journey on strong
When all hope has gone
Sing for the ones who are left there

Tell her I’m with her; I know how she feels
Tell her I’m grateful for all she did for me
Tell her that every moment we shared
Was fuel, fuel for my journey…please tell her that

And sing! With all of your heart
Sing for new starts
Lives moving onward after we’ve flown
Sing out your part! Sing from your heart!
To the most loving soul I’ve ever known--sing it home

It’s all about love; so sing in that key
It’s all about where I go with the love inside of me
It’s all about precious hours we shared
It’s all in the gift of the love that goes with me everywhere

So Sing! Sing out this song!
Sing to my mom!
Sing it out loud and clear and alive
Across the sky; sing for awhile
‘Till she knows that I
Am grateful
And whole
And I
Am fine
La da da da, la da da da
Just sing!