Falling Awake by Scott Johnson

Drivin' down the same old street
Day by day and week by week
I turn left then I turn right
Come to work and park my so called life
Don't know what I'm doin' here
Just killin' time year by year
I've forgotten how it used to be
Like a child, smilin', runnin' free
Could I feel that way again
Could it be as easy as it was then, like

I'm falling awake
With each step I take
To just being alive
I'm falling in love
With who I've become
And what I feel inside
I'm having new dreams
And trying new things
And knowing it's all right
I'm falling, falling, falling awake

I drive home a different way
Imagining a brand new day
Where all I am is coming through
Is this something I could really do
Now I start to fantasize
'Bout those things that I've denied
What if life was meant to be
A place of wonder and ease
I look in the mirror and begin to see
Who I am and what I could be

Falling awake is to open your eyes
And see for the first time
That what you've been looking for has arrived