Forever Growing
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(Lyrics) -- Sissy, from across all time and space
I am with you every single day
Feel my hand wrapped around your finger, strong and warm
And feel the never-ending beat of my heart inside your heart
Through every precious moment, every hurdle, every storm

And let my love fill you to overflowing
Wherever on life’s road you may be going
In the circle of life, all the love for me you brought alive
Will return to you, from me, and keep on growing
Like balloons on a wind forever blowing
Because of you, our love is forever growing

And Papa, it is from you I gained my strength
For all the times I fought the battle to fullest length
It was the deepest honor of all my hard-won days
To be your little warrior, to be your little twinkling star
You and me, each shared moment, for always

So Papa let my love fill you to overflowing
Through all your days and all your ways of deepest knowing
In the circle of life, all the love for me you brought alive
Will return to you, from me, and keep on growing
Like balloons on a wind forever blowing
Because of you, our love is forever growing

And let us, none of us forget
All those beside us on our journey as we went
Through this passage where we learned just how big love can get
And how each day is a precious, precious gift

Mama, oh mama, how can I say
How your love kept me alive every single day
How the bond that we shared is forever-ever there
That I hear you and I feel you and I love you and still need you
Yes, I hear you and I feel you every day

So Mama let my love fill you to overflowing
For all the ways that our love just keeps on showing
In the circle of life, all the love for me you brought alive
Will return to you, from me, and just keep on growing
Like balloons on a wind forever blowing
Pushing up through the trees to keep on going
Because of you, Mama, because of you, I am
Forever growing

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Wyatt Johnathan Darrin Prince
November 13, 1997 - April 11, 1998

Wyatt was five months old when we lost him to a congenital heart defect. While his time with us was short, our love for him will last a lifetime. When we found that there was someone that was able and willing to write, sing, and produce a song about our son, we jumped at the chance to immortalize him and our memories of him in music. Music is the one medium that can truly inspire great emotion, draw forth memories, and take you to a place and time when things were different. We have often associated songs with Wyatt’s time with us. We have a whole list of “Wyatt’s Songs,” so the chance to have one that was truly his was something we could not pass up.

The process of creating a song for Wyatt was somethingthat we will never forget.It was a beautiful, moving, creative, and meaningful experience.Imagine sitting with someone who is actually writing a song about your child from everything you have shared with her. That is how it was working with Anna Huckabee Tull, who is such an easygoing and caring person. It was obvious that Anna deeply cared for us, our journey, and Wyatt.We spent a lot of time working with her, reviewing the lyrics, and hearing the music. But to be honest, Anna hit just the right “chord” in her first attempt. The process was fascinating and wondrous for us.

Once the lyrics and music were completed and everyone was happy, Anna and her team went into the studio to record the song.The fact that talented musicians were gathered in a place for the purpose of singing about our love for Wyatt was beyond description.Then came the MP3 of Forever Growing.We all gathered around the computer with anticipation and excitement and listened with our hearts.There was not a dry eye anywhere. Part of the true magic of the song is that it is sung from Wyatt to us!

As the years have ticked onward and we have continued to move forward in our lives, we have always included Wyatt in everything, as he will always be a part of our family. And it is such a blessing to listen to Forever Growing whenever we are down, lost, or just need a burst of hope! We also use the song at special occasions to help us feel closer to Wyatt and remember our time together. Forever Growing is a constant reminder that life can be so short and that it is very precious, so we should not waste time on petty problems or concerns.

Wyatt’s time here was short, but his presence in our family was impactful beyond the love we have for him. We have committed to being a closer family than we were before, to treating each day with care and respect, and to helping others whenever we can. Wyatt’s song helps us recharge those feelings and commitments. The end result of Forever Growing is that we have our own, private song that will last forever.

As we reflect on the time that has passed since Wyatt was here with us, one truth rings loudest:we as a family have used and continue touse the lessons we learned from Wyatt. During his time with us, he fought as hard as he could to live.In fact, his name means “little warrior.”So during those dark hours after his passing, we fought on.In times when people did not understand our pain, we fought on. As his memory began to fade for others, we fought on to preserve it in ourselves. On his anniversary every year we gather in celebration of his birth and his memory. We write special messages on balloons and send them up to him while playing his song. We came to the realization that Wyatt now lives in us, and we carry him within everywhere we go and make him a part of everything we do.It is comforting to know that there is a presence around us that loves us and protects us.

One piece of wisdom we have learned and would like to share with those who have been thrust on this journey of losing a child is to “follow your heart.” Don’t worry about what others say. Do what you need to do to remember your child. Others’ acceptance is not important. Your doing what you need to do to be whole is what truly matters. So if you have a balloon launch and only half the family shows up, that’s okay. You’re there, and your child knows it—THAT is all that is important. We all carry our child’s flame in our hearts, so do what you can to let your child’s flame burn brightly for all the world to see.And remember that each day with those you love is a gift. A song lives forever, as do Angels!

The Prince Family