Thou Shall Enjoy by Scott Johnson

Don't touch, don't talk
Don't run, don't walk
Don't stop, don't go
Don't rock the boat, oh no

From the day we were born
We were taught what not to do
But I just talked to God
And she/he told me to tell you
Thou shall enjoy
Thou shall explore
Thou shall embrace
Thou shall seek more
Thou shall be happy where you are
While following what's in your heart
Thou shall be dancing in the streets
Thou shall see God in those you meet
Thou shall enjoy

Don't dare, don't doubt
Don't share, don't shout
Don't laugh, don't cry
Don't think, don't question why

Thou shall be wise and kind
Thou shall take your time
Thou shall be full of love
Thou shall feel good enough
And above all else
Thou shall be true to one's own self