Sarah’s Song
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(Lyrics) --
Jasmine, Jasmine grows in my garden and
Wisdom, wisdom grows in her heart, she is
Sturdy, she’s a beauty,
And she knows me

Lily, Lily grows in my garden and
Sensitivity grows in her heart, she is
Quiet, she is quiet
And that’s how I find her

Grow with me,
Grow with me
And grow with her
My sisters

Daddy, Daddy, you helped till this garden
You watered the soil with tears long ago
And I know what it means to be held by you,
Daddy, I know

Know me
I know you know me
I know you know me as your daughter
My father

Mommy, Mommy, our garden’s a story and
Mommy, Mommy, you sing life for me
In all of the days that came after
I ride on the tail of your laughter
Today and all ever after
In this garden
In our garden
Look what’s growing
Look what life is showing
Light from above
Light from your love
In our garden, in our garden, in our garden

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In October 1994, life was very good for us. We owned a business that was eight years old and growing, we had just taken our two nephews and niece to Disney World, and, best of all, Bonnie was five months pregnant.

On October 5, Bonnie felt some cramping, so we went to the hospital. The emergency doctor said we needed to go to the labor and delivery floor and that our ob-gyn would meet us there. We were scared and worried. After the doctors conferred, they told us that Bonnie’s body was acting as if it were ready to give birth, and one option was to stop the process by putting her on complete bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. The hope was that doing so would result in Bonnie giving birth at around 36 weeks. Yet, even though we heard those words of hope, we simply did not see that same hope in our doctor’s eyes.

Bonnie stayed in the hospital that night, and early the next morning the hospital asked John to return immediately. The baby we had already begun calling Sarah was going to be born. What happened next continues to be a blur, but Sarah was born and was simply too little to survive. Her death was a shock and a totally unexpected event in our lives! We had spent so long trying to get pregnant and wanted children so desperately that this brought us to our knees. It was not only the worst thing that ever happened to us, but Sarah, of course, also lost her life.

Sarah’s death changed us in so many ways. Over the next ten years we adopted two beautiful daughters, Jasmine and Lily, became hospice chaplains, and were ready to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary and renew our vows. To honor our love and our life’s journey together, we decided to commission a song from Anna Huckabee Tull. We wanted the song to be about our entire journey over the last 20 years, which included Sarah. Anna worked hard on our song, and then something surprising happened.

As Anna personally delivered our anniversary song, Anam Cara, she also said she had a surprise for us—something amazing that had happened. Anna told us that, once she had completed our song and set down her guitar, she felt a strong pull to pick up the guitar again. When she did, a new song emerged fully and effortlessly written! It was a song written to each of us as if it were coming from Sarah. We were simply astounded!

Sarah’s Song
tells the story of her relationship with each one of us—Jasmine, Lily, Dad, and Mom. It was so perfect and divine that our anniversary song paled in comparison. Sarah’s Song is our evidence and assurance that, although she is not here in a physical form with us, she lives with us day-to-day and has a personal connection with each one in her family. As we renewed our vows, we also felt Sarah’s presence in a far deeper way than we ever would have without this precious gift of Sarah’s Song.