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What Matters Most by Scott Johnson

How would you "be" and what would you be doing if you had a year to live? That will help you discover what's really important to you. Oftentimes it's simple things like being with friends and family. This song was inspired by the book "Tuesdays with Morrie."

If I only had one year left before I died
I'd take a good, long look at how I'm spending my time
I'd stop with the nonsense the world tells me to do
and start living a life more honest and true
I'd be a host to what matters most, like...

Love and kindness
Family and friends
People near me who will
Be there till the end
Sunshine and children and music and art
All those things I hold so close to my heart

If I only had one month left to live on this earth
I'd embrace it with all my love and rejoice in my rebirth
I'd let go of grudges, forget all regrets
I'd drop my resentments, and place all my bets
on being a host to what matters most


If I only had one day left in my life
I'd gather my dear friends, my children and wife
We'd laugh, we'd cry, we'd tell our favorite stories
We'd kiss, we'd hug, we'd bask in all our glory
We'd be a host to what matters most