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Portrait of Hope
Possibly the most wonderful
gift you could give
yourself and others.
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Character Counts
Living a Life After
Losing a Child

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Portraits of Hope

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Click here to read what people are saying  about Portraits of HopePossibly the most wonderful gift you could give yourself and others.

How do I go on?

Will I ever know joy and happiness again?

How have other parents gone on to build new lives?

Questions like these are asked by parents dealing with the worst-of-all losses, the death of their child. Portraits of Hope answers these questions and many more as it follows the candid, moving stories shared by parents whose children have died.

Spanning a 25-year period, parents and grief specialists chart the course from initial loss, with its intense pain and hopelessness, to creating a life of new meaning, joy and happiness. Inspirational and educational, these revealing interviews provide wisdom, insight and hope in dealing with difficult grief issues such as wanting to give up and die, encountering difficulties in marriage, remembering siblings, and dealing with friends or relatives.

Portraits of Hope also gives concrete, practical answers for specialists and professionals who must deal with the death of children. Physicians, therapists, nurses, clergy, educators and hospice caregivers all will find Portraits of Hope to be a helpful and necessary resource in supporting bereaved parents.

Most of all, Portraits of Hope is a shining light for those walking the difficult path of grief. Wherever they may be on that path, parents will find new support and new hope.

What others are saying about Portraits of Hope DVD

Order Portraits of Hope DVD $15.00 Each


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