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Grief Pin

Across the globe, people have a way of portraying that they are grieving by wearing certain colors, armbands, a torn garment, or different garb for a period of time. This allows those around them to lend their support. It also stands as a reminder to others to appreciate their loved ones each and every day and "not to sweat" the small things. grief pin

In the U.S., we have various symbols for different types of cancer, pins to show that we have donated to a specific foundation (the pink ribbon or the yellow wristband), and symbols for different tragic events, such as 9/11. However, in our country we have no symbols that send the message of grief.

Imagine how others might react if they saw you walking down the street with a cast on your arm and stitches, bandages, and bruises everywhere. People would be more cautious, more thoughtful, and go out of their way for you. Yet we walk around looking normal and healthy when, in fact, we are extremely wounded inside and would benefit greatly from the type of support and compassion an "obvious" tragedy would afford us.

We decided it was time for a symbol in our country that portrayed grief AND support. We designed this beautiful grief pin that is given free of charge to any parent who loses a child and to anyone who donates to our foundation. The symbols were carefully put together. The foundation logo is an upside-down heart, which represents a heart in grief; the diamond shape is hope; and the scrolls are ancient symbols of love. To represent our grief, we wear the heart upside-down. However, over time, when we are ready, and with hope and love, we will turn the heart right-side up one day.

Bulk discounts over 50 pins available. Please contact our office 310-459-1789 or email us at hope@griefHaven.org.

Order grief pins $10.00 Each

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