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Speaking Engagements

Please look at this page for our most recent past events or read what others are saying about Susan.

Speaking engagements that include our founder and president, Susan Whitmore, and other Board and/or Advisory Board members are also available. Please state your interest when inquiring.

To schedule Susan Whitmore for a speaking engagement, please contact griefHaven at 310-459-1789 or write to speaking@griefHaven.org

Having lost her only child, Erika Whitmore Godwin, to a rare sinus cancer, Susan Whitmore was inspired to change her life's work from her successful and rewarding career as a Director of Administration for major law firms to helping others who would know the pain of losing a child.

Susan Whitmore left her legal career in 2010 to work full time for griefHaven, devoting all of her time working with parents, siblings, and others directly impacted by the death of a child, and that includes educating specialists who work in any field impacted by the deaths of children.  After obtaining her grief specialist training and certificate, she also began the rewarding and successful work of providing one-on-one counseling and facilitating specialized grief groups.

Susan Whitmore Speaking EngagementsSusan Whitmore's candid yet gentle guidance, combined with her personal experience and wonderful sense of humor, lends itself whole-heartedly to reaching into the hearts and minds of those in need, leaving them with the hope and tangible knowledge of how to go on, how to help someone else go on, and what specifically does and does not work. She has also created a wide variety of support tools so that everyone will have something from which to choose that will help them continue making that journey and knowing they are never alone. Those tools are being used all over the world, and some of them can be seen throughout the griefHaven website.

Susan Whitmore has a wide range of experience and capabilities in this arena and has conducted workshops and speaking engagements from very large to small groups.  Her educational and unique approach to the difficult subject of the death of a child is well received by all specialists, including chaplains, hospice caregivers, medical doctors, hospital administrative staff, therapists, nurses, home caregivers, school/university principals and their administrative staff, and teachers.  Some of her past engagements include:

Keynote speaker at the griefHaven fundraising events 

For a complete list, please contact us at (310) 459-1789 or email us directly at hope@griefHaven.org.

Susan Whitmore also regularly speaks to support groups and at conferences held for parents, siblings, and other family members impacted by a child’s death.  Susan has been sought out as an expert on grief following the death of a child and has been seen on the nightly news and television shows (some of which you can view on this website).  She has also been heard on several radio shows (some of them available to hear on this website).

For a PR Packet, Curriculum Vitae, questions, or how to book Susan Whitmore, please contact us at 310-459-1789 or email us at speaking@griefHaven.org


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